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Azania is one of the oldest secondary school in Tanzania.Thus, many people in Dar es salaam and from other parts of the country went through Azania secondary school.And most of people who persued classes at Azania secondary are in powerful positions in TZ-government,businesses or other forms of position of influence.The school has very good performance in erns of National Examination,although most of school infrastructures are old enough.

The government provides some little amount of money for rehabilitation. This amount is very little to curb the persisting challenges the school experiences. The Computer Lab we have is small to suffice students number and their academic needs.Therefore, Two(2) more Digital Libraries(Computer Labs) needs to be extended.

Teaching and learning materials are available to some extent, but with limited numbers of student desks and staff office furniture. The Government of Tanzania often provides the school with capitation for purchase of Teaching and Learning materials. Yet, some NGOs in Tanzania have supplemented the school with ICT equipments which are used in the Teaching and Learning processes.The Standard Chartered Bank supplied 10 computers, Access Bank supplied Ten (10) computers. Camara Education also supplied 25 computers with training and technical support to the school as well as Mr. Paulsen from Germany supplied 65 computers. Raha and Smile Communication are the only ISP and hosting provider of Azania secondary school.Other supporters of Azanina secondary includes DSTV,EAST AFRICAN CABLES and influencial parents and gurdians of students.

School Name: Azania Secondary School

Date Started:  1934
: Plot.NO.1082,West upanga- United Nations Road.

              Ilala Municipal Council,Dar es salaam.

                                 Postal Address: P.O.Box 9074,Dar es Salaam.

Uniform: Yes
Registration Number
: S.08

Examination Center Number: S.0101


    School Motto

 Academic excellence, solidarity and sportsmanship 


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The mission of Azania Secondary School is to provide or impart knwoledge to students by using relavant teaching and leaning materials in order to produce learned students who can cope with global challenges ahead.



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