Headmaster’s Message

I am very happy that I communicate to    you through this medium. I take this opportunity to invite every one of you, New students who joined in 2016 to the community of Azania Secondary School. The continuing students,my colleague staff members, by the time being you have known the value of being a member of Azania secondary school community, I encourage the attitude of loving and caring other as a community as well as loving using ICT Resources.Indeed, You have witnessed a lot of growth and creativity in the ICT Department.

I firmly believe that our students deserve a world-class education. Through our partnerships with neighboring colleges and universities, our magnet programs, technical programs, and advanced placement courses, our students have endless opportunities to maximize their time here at our school as they prepare for their futures.Together with our school board, we are ready to afford our students an opportunity to shine brilliantly and rise to the demands of this ever-changing world.

As it is in many sectors of services,communications is important. I am immensely pleased we have a good communication and Information system in place and it will continue to improve in the days to come.

I should specially thank the Government of Tanzania,your parents and sponsors, for the support they are showing when we take some tough decisions for the welfare of the student community and the entire community of Azania High school. It is their support which encourages school to serve you more and ever. We will continue to keep the same services and quality always.

Thank you,
Bernad S.Ngozye

Head Master


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The mission of Azania Secondary School is to provide or impart knwoledge to students by using relavant teaching and leaning materials in order to produce learned students who can cope with global challenges ahead.



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