Azania Secondary school was initially started in 1934 at Mtendeni street .At that time it was known as Mtendeni Indian primary school. In 1939 Mtendeni primary school was transformed to form a Government -Indian school by then it became the Co-education school.

In 1965 girls students were shifted to the Government- Indian secondary school which is now a days kwown as Jangwani secondary school and boys students were transferred to new buildings along United Nation Road which is currently known as Azania secondary school where by the first African students were registered. However, the name Azania secondary school was officially came into being in 1967 when it secured its full registration with REG.NO. 08.

Azania Secondary school comprises both ordinary level and Advanced level students with their number approximated to more than 2000.The School offers both day and Boarding Facilities. All children are given an opportunity to show their talents by participating to different extra curriculum activities.Azania Secondary School remained a Boys secondary school.It is situated at Ilala Municipal Council in Dar es salaam City. It is a government school that is owned by Ministry of Education,Science and Technology(MEST).

What is team teaching?
Team teaching is a strategy used at many grade levels in many schools. Its success depends on how teams are structured and how well each team stays on task. At  Azania secondary School, the English and Social Studies teachers comprise a team, and the Mathematics and Science teachers comprise another team. In a concerted effort to tie together content areas and promote across the curriculum learning and activities, team teaching can achieve great success. Team members should have common planning time, work together to develop lessons, and create strategies that benefit their students. Here at Azania Secondary School, it would behoove us to share positive information and work habits about students and any other information that may affect student learning. It has been said that students take over more of a responsibility for learning when they know their teachers are working together.
Service Learning is organized around the School Campus and scheduled according to School subject departiments. The departiments, English, Geography and Science subject in particular, hold the service learning courses during the same periods within the teams or departiments. Each class is identified as an elective within the discipline of the departiment teaching the course.


The mission of Azania Secondary School is to provide or impart knwoledge to students by using relavant teaching and leaning materials in order to produce learned students who can cope with global challenges ahead.



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